ianuarie 13, 2010

# 38 Who is actually guiding our lives?

Just the other day I’ve experienced a great discovery. And it was more interesting because I haven’t read about it, but I’ve lived it and said: “Wow! This is new… and wonderful!”

We are taught that each of us is different and this should explain everything. It’s true, we are different, unique, through our great mixture of qualities and beauty, through our nice gestures and loving nature, but this is not all...
We are different because we think, because we show reactions to others in unique ways… and also because of the external signals that we send involuntarily. In a conversation we can see more then we are conscious about. We can see the face muscles reacting, we can hear the voice lowering or climbing, being defensive or offensive, or just balanced. We can see the body moving and stopping, the intentional and unintentional actions. We can see everything…

Do we react? SURE WE DO!

Are we aware of that? JUST SOMETIMES.

What happens in the rest of the time? We actually believe that we communicate in a certain pre-established way, but we often send the real message.
For instance, we like a person. We don’t want her/him to see that we are so happy and enthusiastic to meet her/him. The other person perceives our smile, our joy, and our enthusiasm, although we do feel that we have send the intended, scheduled message. This is a fortunate example.

On the other hand, when we don’t like something/someone, it isn’t very difficult to show our real feelings unconsciously. The other person’s intuition kicks in, she/he gets it, and we can often hear: “I don’t know why, but I don’t like that person”. And... puff!! Conflicts happen because we are different and we bring too little into our consciousness and ask too much from our reactions.

So, I really believe that our life is mostly guided by our subconscious. How much we bring to the surface – and how – depends on us.
The way I see it, this is the starting point: get in touch with your so called “intuition”. It will give you explanations, understanding, and awareness.
We all lead our lives more or less aware.

Now to make it really useful for you, think about this: In which way do my ideas apply to your life? Give yourself 3 minutes to think about that.

I will be back soon with a great post about response and reaction.
Search for signs!