decembrie 23, 2009

# 37 2009 Achievments or 2010 new year's resolution?

Yesterday one of me coachee asked me which one to focus on: the achievments of last year or the wishes with deadlines for the next one?

Very interesting that the end of the year doesn't implies both.

Now I am asking you:

1.What do you choose to do with the time instead of focusing on reminding yourself the achievements of last year?

2.How do you gain the energy needed to continue to raise to the next year's challenges?

3.What do you choose to do with the time and energy that gives you direction for the next year to come?

Regarding my coachee she had choosen both. But starting with the best in mind-her achievements- has created a great starting point for what will come.

Now I am wondering which do you choose and why?

How long will take you to do them both if you have chosen like this and when it is realistic to do it?

Joyful Holidays,