iulie 21, 2009

# 31 Energy theft-punishment required

How much energy can a puppy have?

How much energy can a puppy give?

What is the difference between people giving energy and puppies giving energy?

We all have met small puppies with an endless energy. How the world would be if we were surrounded by persons so energetic, positive and open-?

We are often in certain environments that are making us uncomfortable, unmotivated and less energetic.We fell the tiredness and all those feelings that represent a huge barrier to express ourselves in any moments. We tend to accept persons that are sharing with us bad feelings from habit: "I always listened to my whiny friend and felt like all the problems on earth are on my head...but I still do this and I help him almost all the times. We discuss everything she/he thinks of. Although he/she comes with almost the same problem every time, I stay there and listen. I know she feels better after a while."

But how do you feel after half an hour of whining?

And specifically how did you helped that person? Has the problem been solved? Than what is the purpose of discussion?

This is only a way of having our very valuable energy stolen. There are also times when we think we are obligated to hear our superior talking hours about his/her problems. But to think strait who is making you to stay there and listen? Who is stopping you to find a way to hear less, or not at all?

We tend to compromise our feelings too often and then we ask ourselves how we become so violent in what we think and say?! Bearing what is too often not necessary destroys our energy and well being.

I can imagine much more scenarios about energy theft: mothers talking for centuries of the same old things therefore taking all the motivation and energy; people not listening to themselves about what they would really like to do with their free time and compromising (with so big repercussions).

Here are some small ways to start attracting energy. But find your owns!

*Absorb the energy from the fresh air (when you have the opportunity of fresh air:));
*Absorb the energy from the sun during the summer days;
*Absorb the energy from your small little things in your life;
*Absorb the energy from your smile;
*Absorb the energy from every friendly tail wag ;).

Share positive energy and interrupt the moments when yours is stolen, like this you will have a better life with yourself.

I send a smile to you!

iulie 09, 2009

# 29 Child with strangers or with sadness at home

Picture source :http://www.socialunion.gc.ca

The other days I went to the supermarket to shop some basic stuff. In the fruits and vegetables area there was a lady with 2 wonderful children. One of them had a bruise on the head and others on the hands. It was very obvious how demanding was the woman with her children.

Now I am asking you for a sincere oppinion. What would you do if it was in your power to decide for those babies? (3 and 4 or 4 and 5 yeas old) Whould you give them away to some strangers or would you keep them close to their family although they are so unhappy and full of fear?

It is a subject that I wanted to discussit for a while. Although it is so sad, as a commited coach I really want to find out you roppinions and also ways to influence this sad reality of the children.

I am sending care and love for the children!