iulie 09, 2009

# 29 Child with strangers or with sadness at home

Picture source :http://www.socialunion.gc.ca

The other days I went to the supermarket to shop some basic stuff. In the fruits and vegetables area there was a lady with 2 wonderful children. One of them had a bruise on the head and others on the hands. It was very obvious how demanding was the woman with her children.

Now I am asking you for a sincere oppinion. What would you do if it was in your power to decide for those babies? (3 and 4 or 4 and 5 yeas old) Whould you give them away to some strangers or would you keep them close to their family although they are so unhappy and full of fear?

It is a subject that I wanted to discussit for a while. Although it is so sad, as a commited coach I really want to find out you roppinions and also ways to influence this sad reality of the children.

I am sending care and love for the children!


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Anonim spunea...

as a parent i know that little children can be full of bruises (my daughter has lots) and that's not because anyone abuses them

LUDA spunea...

ok, thank you for sharing that with me. I just wanted to emphasize that sometimes we are frustrated and powerful (physically or emotionally), so the little ones may suffer because we react (unconsciously) and not response(consciously).

Just yesterday night at a company party i saw a person being more than aggressive with his child in front of everybody. I am just bringing this into attention.
Thank you