aprilie 17, 2009

#26 Happy Easter Holiday

Is in our hands to make the things go bad or good..Which one will you choose this year? A nice, warm and happy holiday or a sad, tensioned, full of anger holiday?

Take a minute and think of the people around.. How important are they for you? How much do you wish to respect and show them love?

Take the effort needed to smile more, understand more, love more and prove all of these through your behaviour.

I will do my best to make the difference and to change the habit of "crasy holiday"!
I will enjoy making the food, hidding the eggs, having the ones I care so much around me. Remember "Life is determnied by time..."

Enjoy your home made holiday!


2 comentarii:

Geanina Codita spunea...

Happy Easter along with your loved ones, red sponge cake and eggs galore. I expect the geaninacodita.blogspot.com

Mugur spunea...

Paste fericit, Ludmila! Fie ca lumina Invierii sa ne aduca intelegere, speranta si liniste in suflete si in jurul nostru!