aprilie 08, 2009

#24 New Discoveries

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Hello there!

Thank you for reading my blog and please share your great ideas with me after reading my posts!

Today I want to share with you some new discoveries (as you already know my style) about people for the people.

I love to see persons that are modest and self confident! Such a hard to find mixture! Being too confident lets the persons self oriented and does not allow their value to say a lot more than their words. On the other hand there are the modest ones that are so modest just because they are not so self-confident and it's easier to "start small"- no waves, no self marketing.

I've written early that is a hard to find a mixture, because I have met that kind of persons, but they were great valued persons that didn't need anymore to prove anything.

I met a great manager, BOB, who has great soft skills and great attitude towards people. When someone respects all of the people in the company and gives each and every person a kind attention, I can tell it is a mixture of self confidence, value, wise and modesty.

Here in RO it is hard to find such persons (unfortunately), but as we grow and develop I really hope to make the choice to discover ourselves (through our own strenght or even through coaching), what makes us happy, accept the things around and move on with our lives (not living through other's life) not demonstrating our value on each ocasion and not making a big thing out of small ones.

I know a guy in the self development field, pretty appreciated in his community that makes kind of a circus out of his personal branding process and I experienced even a strange marketing tool: misleading the client regarding his services.

What is the worse part is that people have less discernment than you could imagine and that person is a great "mixture of non-modesty and non-value".

But what we can do is to see ourselves full of value, to be content with our person and to prove just because is the moment not because it's a great way to atract more attention on myself.

I wish to all of us to be more attentive on building rapport based on respect appreciation and value. In the same time to have discernment to discover value and yourself(What do you like? What is your purpose in life? What makes you happy? How to maintain yourself happy and to make the ones around you the same?).

Please think of these questions, write the first answer that comes into mind and enjoy the rest of the day.

A sweet Hug!


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