martie 24, 2009

#23 more on PERCEPTIONS

I have discovered in Herb Cohen's Book "Negotiate This-By caring, but not care THAT MUCH" that being detached is usually the best thing to do in life.

Being too involved with mind and spirit in the process usually brings us less productive results. the best thing...observing others & ourselves-is the way of evolution? We are used to observe things, actions, but less being in touch with our senses (to find out what are they really telling us).

In my view there are 3 stages of personal development:

1. Knowing ourselves;
2. Being in the process of developing ourselves;
3. Not knowing most of ourselves.

1. The first stage allows us to observe more about the environment and the people around.
Knowing ourselves as a whole (through our developed ability to observe and evaluate the changes within), allows you to have the space and attention for the ones around us.

It is very interesting to come to that stage where we are objective and detached of what is happening with us and enjoy every opportunity that our life give us.

2. Here is the second stage, the one that is transitory and most of the discoveries are the WOW type: "Is this me? Wow OK I want to keep that and that, but I also want to throw that away, that and that." So transition brings more changes in this stage than in the other two.

Observing what is helpful for you, evaluating what to change (with what), being more self confident and taking the things more as they are (objective), and less as we imagine they are (subjective) is the key for developing ourselves and reaching our success.

3. The last stage is: not knowing much about ourselves, gives us poor self confidence. The result is that we are very involved, actually too much involved with what is happening, we are in the middle of everything and our focus is only on us. The only interaction outside us is "What will the people say about me?"

The interpretation of events is subjective and detachment appears rarely. Low self esteem and powerful emotions will characterize this stage of development. "What is happening to me?" "Why are the people behaving as they do with me?" are some common questions of this stage.

Please take a few moments and discover where you are and where would you like to be. This will make a difference for your thoughts and life.

These are my thoughts and I strongly believe that people are in a certain stage during their life. There is not a place where the people are all the time. We often switch. It's very possible to switch from 1 to 2, 2 to3, but mostly from 3 to 2 to 1.

Getting to know ourselves becomes often a great adventure but the result of being in touch with the reality is a great reward. The perceptions are in those stages. We filter our reality with our experiences and views. We perceive ourselves, the events around and the people around. The quiestion is: "How we perceive all of that? "

Ways of self-discovery? Keep close to develop together.

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