martie 01, 2010

# 40 YOUR PURPOSE does exist and does count

I meet many persons asking me if my coaching partners really know what they want. I usually appreciate this question and the courage used to ask me that.

People usually don't know what they want, but they feel (for sure) what they would like to live and feel. We start from there. It is easy to discover what is our direction and how to auto-motivate ourselves, after a few sessions of self discovery.

It really does count to have our life purpose in our head and hart, clear, in order to have a direction to focus on and to feel fulfilled.

Most of us need other people's continuous attention, need a certain type of support and a certain type of activity to move on, to fell happy and to reach their purpose. We are unique, different and great as we are, therefore our purpose calls itself differently for each of us.

BUT, certainly, there is a purpose that makes us move on when we feel we can't.

Search for your clues. There are present in your life!


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